Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explaination: the correct spelling committed is a past tense or past participle form of the verb commit. The origin reaches back to Latin form committere meaning to send or to give over. Spelling of the core verb commit may be misleading, because it is spelled with only one consonant t, but spelling commited is wrong.

Definition of committed:
365体育手机投注 adjective, loyal, devoted, bound to something or someone.

Example sentences with committed:
Women usually seek for honest and committed men.
Jane is a very committed Christian.
John hadn’t been committed to his work and soon he was dismissed.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explaination: the spelling with one t is incorrect. The origin of the correct form, committed, points to spelling with double t.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling

Incorrect spelling


365体育手机投注Incorrect spelling