Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explaination: adding one more c in preposition across is a misspelling. The correct form originating in the word cross is across and double c is unnecessary.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explaination: the word comes from verb cross which means going through something, from one side to another, and a prefix a-. As the word has its origins in a particular verb, it is incorrect to write accross

Definition of across:
1. preposition, from one side of something/somewhere to another, on the other side
The fastest way would be across this river.
I just love this coffee shop they opened across the street last week.
2. adverb, if something happens across it means it affects all particular area/situation
It is not only California’s problem, it goes all across the country now.

Idioms and phrases with across:
run across, to simply run through something fast, but also to meet or find someone (or something) by accident, not intentionally: And then, he just ran across this mud and disappear in the forest! Can you believe that?
Last week I ran across my room-mate from the dormitory. We haven’t seen each other for years!
put (yourself) across, to express yourself in such a way that everybody understands what is on your mind: Don’t get so nervous, you just have to put yourself across in front of the judge and then you are free.
come across like, to impress people in particular way, or to appear for them as someone: What do you think about my presentation? Did I came across like a professional?

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling

Incorrect spelling


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